5 Handy Strategies Everybody Should Use for Web Optimization

Web optimization is an easy task once you have the proper ideas on how to go about it. We would like to give you those ideas, therefore we bring you some handy strategies you can apply while working on any web optimization project.

Always think Mobile

You need to make sure your site adapts well to any kind of device and try to rid it of pop-ups and things that get in the way of the actual content of the site.

5 Handy Strategies Everybody Should Use for Web Optimization Always think Mobile - 5 Handy Strategies Everybody Should Use for Web Optimization

Google Analytics is your Friend

This is a tool anybody can use, and it will let you know exactly what your website’s visitors are doing when they enter the site. This means you will be able to tell what part of the content is doing well and what part is just not working out.

Get Rid of Broken Links

Although it is only reasonable that some links will fail here and there, you need to pay attention and fix the broken links before they start affecting the experience of visiting your site.

Minimize Plug-ins and Redirects

If your website is filled with plug-ins and redirects everywhere, it will be slower, and people are far from patient. You need to make them come back, but they won’t even stay the first time around if the webpage takes too long to load.

Keep Images Small

This also affects your website loading speed, thus affectingthe number of visitors that keep returning. Use lighter formats instead of smaller images, but remember you always have to keep things mobile-friendly.

Start applying these strategies and have fun with your web optimization project, while resting assured that you are making the right changes at the right spots.

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