About UC Browser

About UC Browser - About UC Browser

UC Browser is a digital magazine dedicated to sharing valuable information about web optimization and how it even benefits the apps that we all use. We target both developers and users, as our articles are as much about how to do this as they are about how to find the right team to do it for you.

Who is our Founder?

His name is Dale F. Bailey and he is an aircraft electronics technician, with a passion for IT related topics. Although he has a different career, he has been keeping up with the times and learning all about web optimization and things like boosting your browsing speed on Android. He is rather passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others.

The Conformation of the Team

Dale reached out to several of his friends that did have careers in IT, especially those of us who were excellent at handling tools for web optimization. He told us he wanted to build a digital magazine and he was determined to make it about getting the most out of any website. We all agreed, and our small team of 16 people was formed.

Our Goals and Hopes for the Future

When we set out to build the UC Browser, it was in all of our minds to reach the broadest possible audience for all of our articles. Another one of our goals is keeping up with the latest trends so our readers are never left behind.

We hope to keep expanding and reaching more people, helping everyone that reads the magazine to improve their web design, their SEO, or their understanding of these and more topics.

In the future, we would love to have aspecial annual printed edition with the articles that the readers liked the most, but it will take some time to realize this.

We encourage you to keep track of our posts and articles, given that you will always receive new relevant information that will prove valuable for web optimization and apps.