The Top 6 SEO and Web Hosting Trends You Need to Know

At UC Browser we know that the IT industry is one of the fastest changing and evolving in the world, and SEO along with hosting are some of the fastest fields within it. You will benefit from knowing all the latest trends in these areas.

SEO Trends

SEO Domains

As certain domains expire, they often take the traffic they generated with them. Tracking down expired domains with metrics that will favour a website’s SEO has become popular these days.

An example of a company using this trend is Internet Vikings, and you can find information on this trend on their web page

Thriving Featured Snippets

This trend has only grown stronger over time, as it is so practical for all users. If you are wondering what it is, we can tell you it is simply a summary of answers to the queries for which a user searches in Google.

Influencer Leverage as a Marketing Strategy

Influencers are growing in popularity and some CEOs and marketing professionals are picking up on it, as they have realized they can leverage these people’s reach to have better SEO.

Hosting Trends

Cloud Servers

This type of server has been used increasingly in the past few years because they are more practical and are even considered to be eco-friendly. Internet Vikings also offers these services, along with some other companies.

Virtual Hosting

This trend consists of using a Virtual Private Server, as opposed to a physical server. This trend grows because it is convenient and highly customizable.

Checking Every Website for Safety

Since there were so many scandals back in 2018 regarding leaks and security breaches for many important sites, hosts have started to take measures to keep websites and blogs safe. The hosts are doing this by checking out how secure each website is and pointing out any security flaws it might have.

Make sure you take advantage of these trends and make the most out of your SEO and web hosting options. Keeping up with the times will keep you in the race in these fields.

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