Important Links

Important Links - Important Links

If you are a web developer, you are probably aware of the vast amount of resources available online for your trade. UC Browser finds these to be the most important ones that you should always keep bookmarked.

Responsive Web Design Tester

This is a handy browser extension for those moments when you need to see how the website you are developing looks in different devices, as it shows you a preview of this.

Stack Overflow

An online community over 7 million strong, this is the right place to go for tricks, general information, tips and advice. It’s entirely made up of programmers and everybody is willing to help.

Learn Code-Academy

Learn Code-Academy is a YouTube channel that offers all those starting out in web developing over 20 videos to show them how to go about it. You will find videos about programming languages, web optimization tools, and a great variety of topics.

Smashing Magazine

This is another digital magazine, the difference between them and us is that their audience consists exclusively of professionals. They are updated every two days with all the latest resources in the most used programming languages. You can also find IT news in Smashing Magazine.

F.LUX (apps)

F.Lux is a wonderful app for all web developers that tend to be night owls, as it basically adjust the entire display of your PC to fit the amount of light in the room. This is a great advantage, since we all know working late nights with a bright screen can be unhealthy.

Now you have access to the most important links out there, for every developer to have and take advantage of.